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Itchy Pig Creations

The other day, one of the 3DPrintWise crew came across a web site for Itchy Pig Creations. A small business which 3D prints various items in small batches for their clients. What a name this small 3D printing business has adopted for itself:

Itchy Pig Creations

– we just love it. We like the logo too of the little pink pig with blue glasses. The branding is just inspired.

We have known Jerry the main man at Itchy Pig Creations for quite a long time but had not spoken recently; except brief contact over social media, swapping snippets of news or tweets. In fact the last time we spoke was a year ago, when we published a story about his 3D printer Gremlins and his wonderful 3D print of the Eiffel tower.

3D Print Of The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel tower 3D printing project

Itchy’s New 3D Printing Projects

We caught up with Jerry and asked him about what he has been up to for the last year. He is a prolific 3D printer and we felt sure he had some interesting news.

Editor: Hi Jerry, are you still using the Makerbot Replicator II or have you moved on to using any new machines? I seem to remember that machine was your last purchase.

Jerry: Yes I am still using the Makerbot Rep 2 and just recently purchased another Rep 2. I am starting to get into small batch manufacturing. I recently printed a 1700 piece order that took 21 days with 2 printers. I also backed the kickstarter campaign for the Stacker 3D printer which should arrive in late May.

Editor: “Seen any more Gremlins lurking around your Makerbot – only joking. I see you have a new web site and you are starting to market your 3D printing services. However before we talk about that, you were involved in that mammoth effort to build a 3D printed house. Tell me about that -“

Jerry: Yes – I joined the 3D canal house project last year with a group of others – we still email each other today with questions etc. My part of the Mini Canal house project took 153 print hours and 2.775 lbs of filament

Editor: “Have you been involved with any other big 3D printing projects?”

Jerry: Yes we were involved in the e-Nable prosthetic hand project. We like to give back to the 3D print community when the opportunity arises – We also had a part in the George washington bust project and Project Egg.

Editor: “OK so the Itchy Pig Creations website. Is it going well?”

3D printed car grills to order
Jeep grills to order

Editor: “Those jeep grills look cool and I can see people wanting those. Next you will be printing the silver ladies (Spirit of Ecstasy) for Rolls Royces or the Ferrari prancing horse. I wouldn’t though or their lawyers will be knocking at the door.”

3D Printed Super Jeep
3D printed by IPC

Jerry: In fact we have been doing the jeep grill wraps for about 2 years now and sales were all through social media. We have over 1700 followers on our FB page. We average about 10 grill wraps a month. They are completely customed designed to what the client wants.

custom designed jeep grill
Put the flag on your grill

Editor: “Great. Shows there is a nice little market. What about your future plans for Itchy Pig Creations?”

Jerry: We want to go more in the direction of small batch manufacturing. From one offs to complex assemblies. Makerbot interviewed me on the 1700 piece order I printed and will hopefully have a story on their blog.

Editor: “Well, when you are ready, let me know and we would like to cover that too. It sounds like a labour of love to 3D print 1700 pieces.”

Jerry: “You bet it was.”

Editor: “Well time flies Jerry but but do keep in touch. It was nice to catch up after so long. At 3DPrintWise we know it is as much about the smaller players like Itchy Pig Creations as the large ones. A pleasure talking with you again.”

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17 April 2015
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