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You’re here because you want greater exposure for your 3D printing company and better publicity. You want more customers and you would like to reach new markets. 3DPrintWise content marketing services for SEO and SEM is where it begins.

Premium Services For 3D Printing Companies

Content marketing is about quality and the context in which your publicity is placed. It is not enough to be efficient if the marketing is ineffective.

Our content marketing services are not like the damaging offers of SEO and SEM that you receive in your email from India and elsewhere. Those types of spamming services will do more harm than good to your business. Those who place useless links all over the web on irrelevant sites that nobody ever visits will damage your online presence.

3DPrintWise Content Marketing For 3D Printing Companies
3DPrintWise offers two well-defined packages to publicise your 3D printing company or enterprise:

Articles & Videos

  • A unique article or video to be published permanently on
  • Article summaries or your video shared to our Google+, Facebook & Twitter pages.
  • 48 hour turnaround service.
  • Cost: $125

Five tips to consider when submitting your article:

Offer unique material whenever possible. Nobody wants to read what is published elsewhere and easily found. That doesn’t mean it has to be a unique subject but the text needs to be sufficiently different from what is written elsewhere. A copy and paste of a previously published article will have less weight with search engines.

There is no problem including a link or two in your article but plastering it with links will put up a red flag. Keep linking reasonable and especially if it’s of a commercial nature.

Readers prefer articles which are written for humans as opposed to straight advertising. There is no problem mentioning your company at the end or even within the main content of your article but again, don’t over do it with several links to the same page on your website.

Images work best if they are 800 x 450 pixels in size. This allows them to be correctly scaled for all devices. As a quick tip, do provide captions to your images as it helps readers to understand what they are looking at.

When an article has been published, w’ell inform you. Please do not forget to also share it through the social networks that you use and feel free to link back to your post should you wish.

To submit an article or video for inclusion, simply Send Us An Email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Advertising Slots

  • We offer a small number of advertising slots in the sidebar of all our news pages. We consider those spots (non-rotating) to be long term partners of 3DPrintWise. Our charges per month are modestly set at $50-$110 depending on position and size. We will try to hold these prices for the foreseeable future.

About Us

3DPrintWise is a small company providing news and content marketing services for clients who are engaged in additive manufacturing (3D printing), rapid prototyping and 3D modelling. You can contact us at 3DPrintWise, Coimères, France, 33210, or Send Us An Email