3D Printing Videos To Watch

A small collection of inspiring videos from across the 3D printing and additive manufacturing ecosystem. From quadcopters to an Eiffel tower appearing from a pool of liquid resin – watch and enjoy our choice of favorites. If you’d like to see your video published on this page then just drop us a line and we will get it loaded.

Inspired – 3D Printing Video

Amazing 3D printing process by Carbon 3D.
In a process which harnesses light and oxygen, a new type of 3D printing has been created by Carbon 3D.

UV light triggers photopolymerization of the resin whilst oxygen prevents it. Smooth surfaces can be 3D printed up to 100 times faster – CLIP technology.

3D Printing With Glass

Making 3D printed objects with molten glass.
Creating objects in glass has been with us for over 3500 years. Now MIT has found a way to 3D print with this important material.

You can read a little more about the history of glass and how MIT’s Mediated Matter Group can now 3D print glassware with amazing shapes.

Liquid 3D Printing – Terminator Style

Remember the Terminator (bad cop) character on the film Judgment day as he grows out of a puddle of liquid metal.
More from Carbon 3D; science fiction you may say but no, its for real. Science Magazine explains how Carbon 3D Inc. have invented a process using oxygen and UV light which can produce perfectly smooth objects.

And the best part is CLIP 3D printing is up to 100x faster than your FDM machine.

747 Jumbo Jet UAV By Area-I

3D printing allows new parts to be made and tested quickly on this high tech unmanned aircraft.
Area-I and its partner Solid Concepts Inc use SLS 3D printers to produce an amazing unmanned copy of Boeing’s 747 aircraft.

What’s 4D-Printing?

Slightly scary but real; self assembly and morphing of solids is coming.
From MIT and Stratasys, a completely new new process is being developed where 3D printed multi-material objects self-assemble.

Innocuous objects could one-day transform themselves into something deadly! – see our 4D printing technology post.

3D Printed Wind Instruments

Customized design of flutes and other wind instruments capable of playing a variety of microtonal tunings.
The University of Wollongong in Australia is investigating how 3D printing can be used to make flutes capable of playing microtones.

For the non-musically accomplished that is getting an instrument to play unusual intervals or tunings.

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