About The 3DPrintWise Blog

There is nothing wrong in a bit of self-promotion. Here are some comments made about our 3D printing blog from readers and from publishers. With much appreciation – Editor


Mind blowing video from Carbon 3D where the Eiffel tower emerges from a bath of resin. It is just amazing to watch. I love the 3D printing videos page – keep adding to it.

Gerald Dagneut – 3D printing specialist

3DPrintwise offers stories from the smaller players and not just the same old publicity from large corporations and their media buddies. They are not against the major manufacturers and often report on them too. However, giving the smaller enterprises a chance for more exposure is great to see.

Makerbot Sam

A nice selection of 3D prints for free. It is going to be a busy night on the old Makerbot Replicator who I now call Sam – thanks.

Paul T.

The industry is growing quickly relative to other types of manufacturing. The consensus figure frequently quoted in the press is that the market for additive manufacturing is increasing by 27% CAGR. The 3DPintWise blog is a welcome addition to that growth in services which support the industry.

Riley 3DP

As evangelists for innovation and progress in 3d printing, it is great that the 3DPrintWise blog looks for original stories wherever possible. You can help them by making a better news and blog by submitting your story for publication. Often they do it for free. You may also wish to consider their content marketing services.

Johnny S.

3DPrintWise respects the community and always gives credit and citations to sources used in its articles. It is important that sites like this take an ethical stance and hopefully appreciated.

John Plumber

I am building a quadcopter and this 3D printed drone is very interesting. I am going to follow up on this story to see when it will be available.

Paul Jacob

Close to the heart of 3DPrintWise are projects which use additive manufacturing technology for good causes. Whether it be protecting the environment which we all share, saving endangered or abused animals or helping those less fortunate than ourselves – good to see you publish stories for good causes and for free like this one about recycling filament from the sea.

Mike Sachas

News about 3D printing moves quickly. There are new machines being launched almost weekly with different materials and innovative designs being created. 3DPrintWise of course cannot keep up but instead brings you interesting stories about 3D printers and how they are being used.

David Yakousis

I wonder where Sloris the 3d printing artist will go next on her journey around Europe whilst designing jewellry for Shapeways – it is a trilogy. When will there be part 4 or is that it?

Jimbo 3D

Additive manufacturing is hailed as the 3rd industrial revolution. Not only does the process eliminate waste but some types of designs can only be created in this way. It also brings manufacturing closer to the point of need and on demand. 3DPrintWise reports on so many different aspects …

3D Racer

AM brings hope to those that wish to see local manufacturers return to their economies. It promises to provide new opportunities and a more sustainable environment for all. The 3DPrintWise blog brings stories from people who are adopting AM. A new industrial revolution is upon us and it’s going to impact our economies and the environment in so many ways.

Jan Winkler

Gremlins attacking 3D printers enough said – LOL.

Lucy D

The 3rd industrial revolution has arrived. A technology which is finding use from medicine to defense and from cars to aerospace, from everyday consumer items to … 3DPrintWise is a welcome read.

Ian F.

There are new machines and modelling software coming to market every few weeks. 3DPrintWise gets to grips with some of the latest news from the industry. I like it that they are not just blindly following every story out there including this choice piece about poor 3D printed media on the news .. what a title.

Sheila Danbry

3D printing is becoming a popular technology for businesses; whilst consumers and hobbyists are adopting it too. New 3D printers and solid modelling software are being launched daily. 3DPrintWise sets out to tell you about the little guys like the story about making 3D printed racetracks; as well as the big ones.