3D Printed Gremlins

3D Printing Problem
What happened here then? It can only be one type of vandal - Gremlins.

Well 3D printing problems do happen. Overnight one of the 3DPrintWise crew from Itchy Pig Creations (of recent Eiffel Tower printing fame) was paid a visit by a local gang of Gremlins who took an instant disliking to his shiny new MakerBot Replicator 2.

It appears the Gremlins thought it would be highly amusing to knock over a batch of models and continue making 3D spaghetti. We don’t know exactly why these rascals took such a dislike to this 3D printing job but they sure did make a mess having knocked over a small production run which will now be late for delivery.

A spokesman from from Itchy Pig Creations has said

“We believe this pack of Gremlins did not appreciate the Makerbot being used to 3D print several items at once. Perhaps it is becoming a new sport for them. We just don’t really know for sure.”

“If anyone sees them, please be sure to contact us.”

Editor: Remain vigilent folks ! We advise all those 3D printing unattended overnight to invest in high powered ultra-violet lights and keep local Gremlin gangs away.
Crew: Given the price of 3D printing filament that was probably an expensive evening. Keep your eyes out for those mischievous rascals.
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22 March 2014
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