3D Printing Puzzle

3D Printing Crossword Puzzle

For fun, 3DPrintWise thought it would be a good idea to make a crossword puzzle for the 3D printing community. The current record for correctly filling the crossword out is 22 minutes by one of the crew. We are sure that time can be beaten quite easily pr perhaps not.

Crossword Puzzle By 3DPrintWise

Without further a do, on your marks, get steady, go:


  1. Solid imaging process invented by Chuck Hall.
  2. File format.
  3. How consumer based machines push it out.
  4. A 3D printer or robot with 3 legs.
  5. A numerical control programming language.
  6. A famous Dutch manufacture of 3D printers.
  7. Cody Wilson advocates 3D printing what?
  8. They make 3D printed fuel nozzles.
  9. The … end on a 3D printer.
  10. Machines that use digital files but normally cut material away.


  1. 3D printing is what type of manufacturing.
  2. Make the product quickly.
  3. Create a digital copy with one.
  4. There are only 3 of them.
  5. Bought by Stratasys.
  6. Plastic wire.
  7. A place where you can find lots of open source 3D models.
  8. A leading shop that will 3D print your design for you.
  9. A machine in Star Trek capable of creating (and recycling) objects.
  10. A man 3D printed one in his garden but does he have a Princess?
  11. 3D print it and now eat it.
  12. A type of plastic filament.
  13. Little boxes in 3D modelling.

Give up – scroll down for the answers.


  1. stereolithography
  2. stl
  3. extrude
  4. delta
  5. gcode
  6. ultimaker
  7. weapons
  8. ge
  9. hot
  10. cnc


  1. additive
  2. rapid-prototyping
  3. scanner
  4. dimensions
  5. makerbot
  6. filament
  7. thingiverse
  8. shapeways
  9. replicator
  10. castle
  11. chocolate
  12. abs
  13. voxels
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8 September 2014
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