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Back last year we reported on a lady called M who has a business called Sloris. A 3D printing artist who is travelling around different counties in Europe. We just received an update from her.

Editor: Where have you been M since we last spoke?

M: Italy, Tunisia and back to Spain again since I last posted on 3DPrintWise in July 2014. I continue to design, 3D print and market for Sloris from the road.

Editor: You have been busy but what remains constant throughout your journey – just asking?

3D Printing A Ring A Waterways 3D Design

M: One of the few constants in all my traveling is water. Views of rivers, lakes, waterfalls and oceans from cars, buses, boats, trains, and planes are often the most effective respite from the pain of transportation and the best part about arriving. From living waterfront on a pond in Rhode Island to the Gold Coast of Mexico in my twenties to the Gulf of Thailand and the Mediterranean Sea in my thirties, I’m never far away. This obsession has crystallized and emerged in my newest jewelry collection: the ‘Waterways’ series.

Editor: M, I always find the way artists speak so fascinating, tell me more…

M: Well It is all about abstractions.

Editor: Abstractions?

M: Yes I am using 3 abstractions when you think about water: currents, remains, being submerged.

M: The massive pull of an undertow, the dance of small tributaries as they wind around obstacles, the rush of a river hurtling to a fall: ‘Currents’ refers to the movement of water. One whole, it moves together, but can separate instantaneously into millions of parts. Gathered at one end of the ring, the waves burst from that point – dividing, curving and flowing until they regroup at the opposite pole.

M: ‘Remains’ is about the immense power of a substance that can seem so yielding. There is an immediate visual reference to the aerial view of a winding river, and yet that form is created by absence. A dry river bed, a chasm, a canyon are beautiful and stark monuments to the lasting effect of water. Water creates a deep and abiding mystery by all that it hides from view. The great spray of a waterfall striking the surface of its pool or the dwindling light in the ocean as we descend incite our curiosity.

M: ‘Submerged’ is a meditation on what lies beneath the water. The design stands up off the skin forming an inner area for the play of light and shadows.

Sloris 3D Printed Pendant 3D Printed Pendant In Gold

M: My latest creations make a statement and garner admiration, but the designs also have aspects that are not immediately evident to the casual viewer. The band of ‘Submerged’ doesn’t fully encircle the finger, the edges of the design gently rest atop, lifting it upwards and the two sides of the ring don’t join. The shape of the steep walls and narrowness of the negative space coursing through the unconnected center of ‘Remains’ is completed by the skin of the wearer. ‘Currents’ has three intricate and tightly packed layers which produce numerous patterns depending on the angle from which it’s viewed. These are pieces of jewelry that feel good to pick up, hold in your hand, and look at as small sculptures.

Editor: I get it. I begin to see how artists like you think and see the world. Where and What Next?

M: Croatia. It’s where I intended to start this adventure a year ago. Circumstances colluded against me at the time, but things seem to be falling in line now. My sketchbook is filling up with designs clamoring to be incarnated or in my case 3D printed. I wandered the halls of the amazing museums of Madrid, basked in the magnificence of Alhambra in Granada, Spain, lived in the midst of the old and lively Capo market in Palermo, Italy, witnessed the first democratic presidential election in Mahdia, Tunisia, and watched fire fall from the sky and rise from burning sculptures taller than the surrounding buildings in Valencia, Spain.

Editor: What new creations will come from all these experiences?

M: That is a difficult question. I suppose the best thing is to look me up and follow me @sloris3D on twitter. However, a lot of my work can be found on Etsy – The 3D printed Waterways jewelry collection.

Editor: I am looking right now. Very nice. I do wish you lots of luck with those M. You are a very unusual lady and it is nice to have an update on your 3D printing travels.

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26 March 2015
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