3D Printed Mechanical Devices – By Gagan

3D Printed Mechanical Designs
Imagine what would have happened if Leonardo da Vinci had had a 3D printer.

Recently we caught up with a young designer called Gagan from the U.K. who is busy producing models for 3D printing to sell on Shapeways. In fact he has a nice little collection of 3D printed mechanical devices for sale. It was interesting to talk with Gagan about 3D printing in general and his favorite 3D prints.

Gagan is not a big business but he is a cool 3D designer and we thought to give him a plug on 3DPrintWise. One which is thoroughly deserved. The interview went as follows. We have used some editorial license to give some further detail on his creations:

Editor: “So what does 3D printing mean to you Gagan?”

Gagan: “3D printing has given people the ability to create some amazing pieces of art, however, when art is combined with functionality, only then can art become a true masterpiece. I design and create functional mechanical models including engines as well as artistic sculptures of various forms which range from quirky owlheads to sleek pendants. I was inspired to take on challenges in order to satisfy the needs of my customer base by designing tailored 3D prints.”

Editor: “So what are your favourite models? The ones you are proud about or like the most?”

Da Vinci’s Wheel

3D Printed Wheel - Da Vinci

Da Vinci dreamt of perpetual motion machines

Gagan: “Da Vinci’s Wheel is a device which demonstrates perpetual motion or is meant to. The wheel is pushed by a gentle force which causes the wheel to continue spinning. Friction eventually slows the wheel down until it comes to a halt. This idea came to mind when I was researching innovative ways of making the most of renewable energy. I was interested in any ideas which may have been overlooked. I subsequently came across Da Vinci’s Wheel. I was excited when I discovered a concept idea involving the possibility of having multiple models of Da Vinci’s Wheel to generate a vast amount of energy. This in turn led me to produce a 3D model of the wheel due to its energy defying potential.”

Editor: “I am impressed with that. I have also found the wheel fascinating even if it eventually comes to a halt. Well, we won’t go into the fact at a quantum level it never stops moving but there again nothing stops moving. What next?”


3D Printed Gyroscope

Gyroscopes show your 3D orientation

Gagan: “The movement of the gyroscope entails physical 3D orientational movement. The inner disc allows the user to blow air into the specially tailored compartments created to allow air to build up in each section. As a result the disc is forced to rotate. Whilst the inner disc spins the outer disc is enabled to spin independently. The gyroscope has distinctive holes made inside the rings of the gyroscope to remove any material that may build up due to the hollow rings. The concept of creating a miniature gyroscope came to me as another challenge I really enjoyed completing this project considering the difficulty involved with such complex mechanics.

Editor: “That is cool. Gyroscopes are really important devices. And finally, your last favourite 3D print?”

Functioning V8 Engine

3D Printed Engine - V8

3D print the famous V8 motor

Editor: “A what? Really, show me!”

Gagan: “The engine is a V8. It comprises of four cylinders located on each side. The engine consists of a hand crank allowing the user to operate the engine. The engine operation is visible to the user due to the distinctively cut design enabling a dynamic view. The engine shell has been hollowed out to reduce the overall weight and maintain the low cost of product. The pistons have also been hollowed out. However, these are extremely durable allowing them to function smoothly. When I initially understood how an engine functioned I was set on building one. Due to the expenditure involved in building an actual to scale engine, I resorted to creating a 3D print of an engine which is much more cost friendly.

We think Gagan deserves a round of applause and are happy to point you to his 3D printing shop on shapeways.

Gagan lives and works in London. He is 20 years old. He currently studies at a Queen Mary College but also works for himself as a freelance designer. He is keen to build up his 3D printing business with lots more models.

Final thought: We do hope Gagan puts together some Free 3D prints which we can include on 3DPrintWise for download.

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11 August 2014
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