Makerbot Dinosaur

3D Printing & Assembling A Dinosaur
3D printing models of prehistoric creatures like the T-Rex is bound to be popular with the youngsters and at schools.

This is one project that youngsters will love. Parents and teachers here we go – teach your children a little about paletentology and 3D printing at the same time. A skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus-Rex which can be 3D printed and assembled.

The T-Rex model is offered on the MakerBot Digital Store. It is accurately scaled and appears to be a well-defined piece of work; consisting of seventy-nine 3D printed parts to be assembled.

You will not find this model for free though on Thingiverse. Its a paid model in their digital store. At $14.99 this model for 3D printing is hardly expensive. However, it does represent a slight re-focus on Makerbot’s main push which has been freely available open source models.

At 3DPrintWise, we are firm believers that the market for paid models for 3D printing will steadily increase, particularly when the utility and desirability of items improves. And we have every reason to believe it will over time. We may even consider re-opening our own marketplace for 3D prints. We shut that down earlier this year through lack of trading and volume.

The 3DPrintWise market was arguably better than the Makerbot digital store. It was a perfect non-proprietary platform for buying, selling or simply sharing models for 3D printing. Anyone could register, upload a model, put a price on it and sell it. It was totally automated for both buyers and sellers who had their own accounts. Unfortunately, what we found is that the large number of sites offering models for free, stifled the premium market. Paid models were swamped by freely shared ones even on our own site.

Makerbot has this marketing problem with their business in spades. They own one of the biggest repositories of free models ( This site is important to Makerbot as it pushes customers towards their 3D printer business where they make their revenue. Thingiverse is a perfect advertising platform for their 3D printer business. If they were to shut it down in favour of their digital store for paid models they will inevitably lose sales of 3D printers which after all is their core business.

Such is the quandary faced by many manufacturers whom attempt to make money from services. The barrier to entry of sites offering free models for 3D printing is low. It takes very little investment or effort to make a clone of Thingiverse for example.

At this point, we are just content to offer a few selected models in our industry news section. So if you are a designer and want to share or your model for 3D printing, give us a shout. We will happily present your model to our visitors.

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7 May 2014
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