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3D Printing Domains For Sale

Competition is going to hot up over the next three years to get suitable domain names for agencies and factories which offer to 3D print. It is also likely to become geographic in nature down to countries, states and major cities. Here are some examples of 3D printing domains for sale, currently owned by 3DPrintWise.

Sure most of them are not cheap. However, if you believe a revolution is under way, with those doing the manufacturing becoming ever more important, then these keyword laden domains are a serious leg up. In fact they are potentially good investments even without a web site placed upon them.

It is getting harder and harder to find good website names relating to 3D printing or additive manufacturing. We know what types of phrases people will type into search engines. And domain names which include those terms are without doubt the most valuable.

Here are some very nice names. Costs today are reasonable but in 3-5 years they may not be. The lock out has begun and finding bargains on meaningful ones is coming to an end.


You have big ambitions – you wish to make a directory perhaps of manufacturers and factories who 3D print on an industrial scale. Just because we have 3Dhubs and Makexyz doesn’t mean this space is full. More to the point this name is focussed towards industry and business. That is actually where the gold is hidden and where there are budgets for advertising – 1400.00 GBP (no offers).


Perfect if you want to focus on a U.K. business directory of factories that can perform additive manufacturing. This name gives any web based business providing advertising services for 3D printers in the B2B space a good head start – 1000.00 GBP ono.


This domain name says it all. You are a 3D printing agency based in the UK. Importantly the alternative, 3dprintingagency.uk automatically comes with it, allowing you to choose which domain will lead your marketing efforts – 1200.00 GBP (no offers).


You like the idea of making a classifieds business which promotes 3D printing agencies throughout the U.K. You also get the domain registration and rights to 3dprintingagencies.uk. The name is focussed and provides advantage versus potential competition which will inevitably arrive. It is our favourite name – 1200.00 GBP ono.

* For U.K. domain names you will need to be a U.K. resident or have a registered address in order to make a purchase. Contact us – first come first served. They are all available on buy it now – no auctions.


Here we have 6 domains to choose from if your business is in security and 3D printing. Our favourites for a business brand are 3dprintshield.com and secure3Dprint.net . We are pricing these all the same at 1200.00 GBP ono.

secure3dprinting.net – taken
3dprintshield.com – taken

There are no restrictions on ownership of these web properties.

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17 June 2014
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