Straight For The 3D Printing Jugular

3D Printing Counterfeiting
There are risks and security issues when it comes to 3D printing. Counterfeiting using 3D printed copies of luxury branded items will be hard to stop.

No this is not a post about 3D printed prosthetics or instruments used in medicine and surgical procedures but it still goes for the jugular.

Immediate Reaction From A Group Students

Editor’s story:

Yesterday whist talking a group of 50 marketing students about 3D printing, one of them came up to me at the end and began to talk with me about some very worrying aspects of 3D printing. I expected him to talk about patent protection, intellectual property rights, DRM etc for models or the infamous 3D printed gun but he went straight for the jugular.

This young man said how is the industry going to prevent counterfeiting? Especially for objects which allow access to money, valuable or private items. My immediate reaction was OMG, the Keys to the safe or tokens that let you gain access to places which are meant to be private or secure.

Now of course a 3D model is required and these things can be locked up behind firewalls on secure systems. Models of sensitive items often do not exist anyway. Certainly any model can be made inaccessible to average ‘Joe’ criminal. However, there are two worrying scenarios.

Firstly, access to the original token and a good scanner can make a model quickly. Secondly, a black market could develop in 3D Models of luxury items. This will only attract trouble and inevitably organized crime.

Now I am not trying to say this will happen tomorrow but it is going to happen at some point. My mind turns to many potential risks, especially with 3D printing in biometrics but I prefer to keep them private.

We don’t need to give too many ideas way in this Brave New World!

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14 March 2014
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