Motorsport Embraces 3D Printing

MP Engineering - 3D Printing Services For Motor Racing
Performances motorsports like Grand Prix are conducting tests using 3D printed parts as a way to speed up proving their ideas.

As the 3D printing industry continues to grow, familiar names from U.K. Motorsport are eagerly embracing it for the huge potential it gives in bringing down costs and saving time. Of course it has an obvious use for rapid prototyping of parts but also for making promotional items around the marketing of the sports events themselves. We have already seen Formula one teams such as Caterham use 3D printing for rapid prototyping purposes in their design for manufacturing process.

MP Engineering, a U.K. company based near Silverstone has been working for the last 7 years with major motor racing teams from formula one to your more humble karting teams. The company has now opened a new division for 3D printing which works hand-in-hand with their design services. It is rapidly becoming a big success for them (excuse the pun). They are on a path to enlarge their operation in only a matter of months with demand building up for their additive manufacturing services.

We interviewed Roberto Paduano who is the Chief Executive of MP Engineering. He was very clear about what 3D printing means to his business in the lovely way Italians can say things. His company has undertaken design work for Force India, Toyota, Ferrari, Mercedes, Toro Rosso and Caterham amongst others.

Roberto had this to say:

“We’ve been aware for some time that 3D printing holds so much potential for Motorsport. There has been lots written but not so many are doing anything about it. Quite a lot of smoke coming from the engine but little fire. In italian we don’t quite have the expression but we might say, Molti sono i verseggiatori, pochi i poeti. Lots of talkers and not many poets.

// We were thinking what a nice turn of phrase. Let’s face it without the renaissance we wouldn’t have Motorsport or Ferrari. //

He continued …

“We decided to move beyond the hype as it is a perfect fit for what we have been doing for years. We see our service for 3D printing developing into a core business for us. Our existing clients are approaching us for rapid prototyping but given our engineering heritage, other industries too are placing orders. We are pleased it is going so well.”

3D Printing In Motorsport

Motorsport is using additive manufacturing technology

At 3DPrintWise we are also pleased for MP Engineering and Roberto to see a small high tech businesses make use of 3D printing. High profile applications such as rapid prototyping for Motor racing brings this technology to life.

MP Engineering can be directly emailed or contacted via their web site by clicking the logo below.

Rapid Prototyping At MP Engineering.

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10 May 2014
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