Not 3D Printing But Something Green

3d printing support for the Green movement.

We don’t normally decide to publish something which is not about 3D printing on 3DPrintWise but today is different.

We think it is important that you do something useful today. Something GREEN.

We’re not hypocrites either and one of us has already made his own small contribution to Greenpeace.

We propose that you may like to do the same: 10 quid, 10 bucks or 10 euros never hurt anyone. Easy to say NO but why not say YES. Go tell other people what you have done and why they should also fund the eco-warriors. Yes – something to feel good about and so you should. If you can’t give 10 then just send 5 and stop making excuses. There aren’t any good reasons not to do so.

The Environmental Facts

If there is one truism that faces us today, it is this:

Nothing gets anywhere close to the importance of reversing the continuing damage to the biosphere which we all share and from which none of us can or will escape.

You can bury your head in the sand or pretend you are not part of the problem but you know that just ain’t true. Stand up, be counted and become a real patriot. Take some responsibility and give a few pounds, dollars or euros. Do it now by pressing the orange button on their site.

Greenpeace (choose your own country)

Alternatives to the current state of affairs do exist. And Greenpeace are doing their best to get the necessary changes made by those in power. These changes are for the benefit of every living thing and that means ALL OF US.

Causes like stopping the mining companies ripping out the world’s lungs through deforestation, to burning fossil fuels until we all croak … the list goes on …

Yes Greenpeace are a pressure group but they don’t take funding from businesses to lobby the half wits who sit in governments nor do they suck up to their cronies. They don’t fly in jets across continents to be seen at the United Nations, rubbing shoulders with the so called ‘great and the good’ so the paparazzi can take photos. Their purpose is to take direct action. To get things done. To get the issue on the agenda. To get it in your face so you can’t turn away and ignore it any longer. In fact, they are ordinary people who go the extra mile for all of us.

Important: Greenpeace only takes donations from people like YOU and ME. They have no contradiction or vested interest. They can’t be pressured into ignoring issues by some flaky business interest or a political group which is basically the same thing. Donations from businesses, political groups and corporations are refused – POINT BLANK.

Does anyone agree with everything they say or support? Of course not. How could it be possible to agree on everything when it’s members come from so many differing backgrounds. However, they are certainly right about most things when it comes to the environment and there is no bigger issue to face.

3D Printing Slight Return

Most of the readers know 3D printing has the potential to bring ecological benefits by reducing pollution and waste. It can shorten supply chains by reducing the need for transport over long distances (i.e. a significant pollutant). We also know additive manufacturing wastes little and it sits nicely in a build to order business model as opposed to mass production. Many would even say mass production is wasteful and destructive. What is beyond debate is that the more 3D printing is applied and the less mass production the better. Our economies and the ecology can only benefit – 3D printing futures.

Time not to dither. Time to act and make a DONATION yourself. Become a real patriot.

P.S you can select your own country at the top.

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8 November 2014
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