3D Printing Industry Trends II

Industry Trends For 3D Printing Part 2
Stock prices for 3D Sytems and Stratasys continue their steep decline.

It has been a while but the 3DPrintWise team took a break from posting news. Instead, we have been working on some important projects for clients within the 3D printing industry. However, we’re pleased to be back and hopefully posting more often.

In fact, if anyone wants to post their news, feel free to drop us a line. We are normally accommodating to most ideas.

Manufacturers Of 3D Printers

As usual we don’t stray away from being a little controversial. We thought our first post in this new season should be a quick review of the stock performance for Stratasys Ltd and 3D Systems.

The last time we looked (back in September 2014), we had a strong set of opinions given by a guest writer about the latest 3D printing trends or more correctly the share prices of major 3D printing manufacturers going forward. It was perhaps not a popular opinion or analysis at the time but Peter Jameson seemed fairly sure that the stocks had been pumped up from the constant media coverage (i.e. that 3D printing whilst an important technology was not going to solve all the world’s problems).

Peter wanted to put additive manufacturing in perspective and of course this grated with many people who had different ideas. Mainly those whom have little idea of the challenges faced, present capabilities and limitations in a world geared towards mass manufacturing.

Views About The Stock Prices For 3D Systems & Stratasys Ltd Stock Were Spot On

Well, it looks like Peter was right – indeed too right with losses around 40% to date (see the graph above). It has been a fairly dismal 6 months for those owning stock in the two major manufacturers of 3D printers. Let’s hope things turn for the better.

We contacted Peter and asked him what his current thoughts were regarding these stocks. This time he was a little bit more upbeat but would not be drawn into detail. Peter thinks there may be some improvements going forward over the long term but equally so there is still a likelihood of further declines short term. Any improvement (a big IF) will be gradual and very much based on their financial performance as opposed to the media circus which prevailed earlier last year (don’t hold back Peter).

“We are back to reality or should it be the normality of considering price earnings and other such financial metrics. An investment environment where much of the media pumping of these stocks has now faded away.”

Update: 4th August 2015

We decided to speak to Peter again given the sell-off appears to have continued since we last spoke in March. His comment:

“Nobody is forgiving when it comes to poor results. I thought these companies had learned lessons from their last 12 months but my fears have continued to play out. There is in my opinion a senior management problem in both these companies which needs fixing. I was was warming ever so slightly last time we spoke. Problems were obvious and should have been dealt with. Now I am pessimistic again – changes in both strategy and management are needed before I see an upside”.

Source: Google Finance – DDD vs SSYS vs NASDAQ

Disclaimer – Nothing in this article constitutes investment advice. The content should not be taken as the basis of a decision to buy or sell financial instruments of any kind. You should always seek out and consult regulated and professional advisors when making investment decisions.

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4 March 2015
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