3D Systems Recycling Hubs

3D Printed Recycle Bins
3D printed receptacles for responsibly disposing of tin cans

3D Systems is keen to give something back to society. A small but useful contribution should it take off and get widespread adoption.

This growing corporation is not only providing the means for people to make things but also for those trying to change the world about us. Those who want to use 3D printing to affect change for social good or for the sake of cleaning up the environment. The latter we already know is perilously close to catastrophe. This year we have already seen Paris closed to traffic on alternate days (well vehicles with odd number plates were allowed to drive on one day and the even numbers on the other). Much of England was also hit for a whole week with terrible pollution that got caught up in sandstorm which started in North Africa as it passed over the continent. It was like the smog you see in those old photographs when everybody had coal fires.

With the environment in mind, 3D Systems are now encouraging Urban Hubs. Basically these are simple recycle bins for bottles and cans which can be made on their Cube 3D printers using compostable PLA filament. Details about the project and the 3D printing download can be found at urbanhubs.co.

With support from 3D Systems, the goal of the Urban Hub project is to have positive impact on neighbourhood recycling rates and to raise awareness of a continuing problem. As importantly, Urban Hubs act as exchange points for people to drop off their empties so others can collect them and recylce them for cash.

Nice to see 3D systems support this small but worthwhile project.There are also very other worthwhile projects been undertaken in recycling plastic for 3D printing filament organised by PlasticBank who is taking rubbish from the oceans.

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23 April 2014
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