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Compare 3D printers, scanners and filament using Aniwaa

Aniwaa a business startup based in South East Asia is on a mission to provide data which helps people make comparisons before purchasing a 3D printer or scanner.

Co-founded by two friends from France, Aniwaa intends to process the world’s 3D printing data and turn it into actionable knowledge; helping users to make the right buying decisions.

The company has focussed on building the most comprehensive and reliable 3D printing knowledge base available. They collect detailed specs, gather information and curate reviews on products encompassing the entire 3D printing ecosystem, from 3D printers to 3D scanners and more. The comparison engine they have developed provides users with a very clean and easy access to this knowledge, finding relevant information which supports any kind of 3D printing project.

About Aniwaa

The Aniwaa team relies on the complementary skills of two childhood friends, both passionate about 3D printing. Martin Lansard is in charge of the commercial part of the business. After 5 years at Google, he has had a solid experience in online marketing and partnership building. He works from Cambodia with partners all other the world (manufacturers, resellers, advertisers, etc).

Pierre-Antoine Arrighi, is in charge of technology and development, having had a career in Dassault Systèmes. Pierre-Antoine has an engineering background, he is a specialist in 3D CAD tools and uses 3D printers and scanners on a daily basis for the company’s research projects. He oversees the product content provided by Aniwaa. His goal is to make sure that the database of 3D printing products is accurate and always up-to-date.

So whether you’re in search of the best 3D printer or 3D scanner, or simply a website to download files for 3D printing, you should definitely check out

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