Filament From DR3D

3D Printing Filament From DR3D
More colors of very high quality filament will arriving this month.

DR3D Filament Ltd were set up in 2014 with the company earning an enviable reputation for providing the 3D printing industry with the highest quality consumables.

They have worked long and hard whilst testing extensively to produce the best specification filament that is available to the industry. That is no overstatement and 3DPrintWise are pleased to recommend you try out their 3D printing materials.

The company is based in the the U.K. It was set up with a goal to make the highest quality materials for 3D printing industry. As manufacturers and not just importers or resellers, they also provide advice about getting the best performance from your 3D printer using their filament. That support (those who use 3D printers will know) can be useful, saving time, avoid trouble and reduce waste. You are not going to get post sales support like that from many suppliers at all unless you are a major buyer of filament.

The team at DR3D are highly motivated and continuously developing their range of materials. Indeed, the company offers to develop bespoke materials, spools and packaging for larger customers. Importantly, they are also in the process of adding some new and exciting colours to their range later this year.

DR3D Filament Ltd. is a member of The 3D Printing Association and works with some of the leading specialists in the 3D printing field. Using their knowledge of plastics and regularly consulting the industry, they have developed filaments to be of the highest quality.

We briefly spoke with David Jarvis at DR3D and asked him what the company value proposition was all about.

“Early last year, we set out to manufacturer the best quality filament for 3D printing that could be purchased anywhere. We are confident that we have succeeded in doing so. Our filament for 3D printing is manufactured to dimensional tolerances and has structural characteristics which you cannot find with of any filament supplies currently available.”

“This step regarding quality was very important for our customers and our business. We now move forward by increasing the range of colours that we can offer”.

Editor’s opinion: I think it is well worth trying out new suppliers and putting their products to the test. Orders can be taken directly from their website online or over the phone.
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17 March 2015
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