Free 3D Printing Course with ALISON

ALISON offers a course on learning how to use a 3D printer

Are you interested in learning new skills like 3D printing or 3D design?

All of this is possible with ALISON and best of all its free. ALISON is the global leader in free online certified learning for the workplace with over 6 million registered learners and 750,000 graduates globally.

ALISON offers 750+ free courses at certificate and diploma level adding new courses weekly, driven by learner demand and employers looking for cost and time efficient ways of upskilling staff.

Today, 3DPrintWise is pleased to recommend the ALISON course for learning how to use a 3D printer. We believe the online course is unique and definitely a first.

The course walks students though the 3D process from beginning to end starting with how 3D printing actually works as well as an overview of the parts of a 3D Printer and the different types of filament.

Students will also learn how to design 3D Models with 3D Builder software. This is a great introductory course to 3D printing and the future applications of this revolutionary technology.


Perhaps you want to improve your computer skills or sales & marketing techniques? Perhaps you need a crash course in social media or want to improve your business and project management acumen?

Other courses available on ALISON that may spike your interest include Manufacturing & Product Design, Adobe Photoshop and 21 Days to Building a Web Business Online.

See the full list of ALISON’s free courses.

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4 February 2016
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