Industrial Quality 3D Printers For Consumers

Industrial Quality 3D Printer From AutoX3D
Available soon - machines for consumers offering industrial quality 3D printing.

AutoX3D is a manufacturer of industrial grade 3D Printers which are now available to consumers. Beginning in early 2014 AutoX3D began searching for the right blend of components that could create an industrial 3D Printer with all the best features of those on the market but without breaking the bank.

The company believe that they have found the right combination and have begun selling their printers to the public with their first pre-sales being delivered last quarter.

The AutoX3D 3D Printer

We caught up with David Borden of AutoX3D to get more information:

David: “After seeing that there is a market for our printers, we have really strived to take this project from concept to reality. I remember we spoke together back in July 2014 about our plans.”

Editor: In the end how did you fund the development?

David: “We originally thought about bringing our printer to market via crowd funding platforms such as Kickstarter. However, after seeing how saturated the market had become with the next big thing, we decided to go the old fashion route.”

Editor: And how is it going given you don’t have that cheap investment capital or that initial fan base?

David “We are building a name for ourselves through our great product in an organic way. Word of mouth has been very important to us. In particular, we have inquiries from all over the world coming in about our water cooled print head. It doesn’t clog up. It has been dubbed the Artic freeze and it is is now on sale.”

Editor: “Well I do wish you lots of luck David. It is always difficult to get going organically but if the product speaks for itself then consumers catch on quickly

Global Ambitions

The company is based in the Philippines but is working on bringing distribution not only to Asia but the United States and Europe. AutoX3D already have a number of partnership and distribution deals in the pipeline. They should be announced quite shortly. Their current machine boasts a huge build area, industrial grade components, high print speeds, a non-clogging hot end, and is built to keep going day in and day out. The current model is also priced competitively at $3,500.00 and will soon be available for general purchase. For inquiries and current news they can be contacted via their site at –

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