Kwambio Platform For Personalized Products

Kwambio 3D Printing Platform
Were are all individuals and we all want that unique thingy! 3D printing can meet that desire.

Nobody is the same are they? We all have different wants, desires and needs. And Kwambio 3D printing is a start on a journey to fulfilling mass customization. The buzz phrase which manufacturers use to say they can deliver individually styled or personalized products. In effect, unique products created for you.

At the 3D PrintShow in London, Kwambio demonstrated a new product in Beta which will customize and personalize any product in their library. You can keep modifying one of their designs until it becomes your own. It is an end to what some may say are the same old 3D models you can find in the main market places and repositories for 3D prints. A subject also alluded to in the article entitled 3D printing stand-off.

Improvements In 3D Printing For Consumers Are Needed

Some people who bought a desktop 3D printer for home use, have been at times a little disappointed after the initial buzz (perhaps an overstatement). There are a lot of models to 3D print (using FDM) out there on the internet but so many of them are either basically the same, difficult to modify or don’t print at all. There is a not only a customization problem but an issue with quality and print verification.

What has been needed by consumers from the very start in 3D printing, was a place where you can select a design and modify it from a library of verified products. Not just change a 3D model but when it is modified it doesn’t break: it will 3D print perfectly.

A New User-Friendly 3D Printing Platform

A new platform called Kwambio has “grasped the stinging nettle”, with a community for 3D printing people who wish to create products to customize (e.g all types of items used in everyday life – lamps, vases, etc.) and then share or sell them.

What is more, commercial designers don’t need to worry about piracy or protecting 3D prints as they can sell their original models securely. Kwambio gives no access to their source files. Each submitted model will be carefully tested and checked out by the Kwambo team on many of the commonly used desktop 3D printers that consumers typically use.

Editor: Head over to Kwambio and take a look at the customisation options that they offer which include the ability to change shape and apply text onto to the product in just a few clicks. Now anyone can start to make their own unique designs.
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11 September 2014
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