Metal Printing – Conference Dusseldorf 24th-25th February

3D printing in metal conference in Dusseldorf

Simply put – why not consider the advantages of 3D printing in metal instead of casting, machining or rolling?

Inside 3D Printing (I3DP) is pleased to announce, the most important conference for 3D printing experts will be taking place on 24th-25th February at the Düsseldorf trade fair as part of METAV (international trade fair for technologies in metal processing).

I3DP will be offering a conference on additive manufacturing covering components made of both metal and plastic. The main focus in terms of industry sectors will be aerospace, automotive, medical and manufacturing of tools. Through a partnership with METAV, I3DP will deliver important educational synergies for the participants while seeking to increase visitors to the main exhibition.

Event highlights are going to be wearable devices connected to the internet and more generally the up and coming ‘internet of things’.

Dr. Eric Klemp, Commercial Director of the Direct Manufacturing Research Center at the Universität Paderborn and conference coordinator says:

“The factory of the future will be much more networked than today and additive manufacturing will be an increasingly important process. It will facilitate the integration of an unimaginable intelligence even into the smallest of components. Thanks to 3D printing, even ‘smart’ products – from fashionable accessories, to technical tools and aids for the workplace or nursing care — can be created with a degree of individualisation and personalisation never before possible. We are presenting fascinating, technical presentations and application examples.”

He continues

“Visitors to Inside 3D Printing are users of additive manufacturing processes, who no longer need an explanation of the basics. Rather, they want to explore both the technical and commercial possibilities that the 3D printing methods have to offer. As the leading technical conference, we are also offering in-depth information on strategies, the latest developments and application of the leading companies and prestigious national and international experts.

Forum for professional exchange on additive manufacturing processes

Note: All METAV visitors will have access to Inside 3D Printing and the new “Additive Manufacturing Area”, an exhibition area, including the forum on additive manufacturing processes, which is also being organised by Rising Media.

ID3P is targeted at experts, researchers, service providers, manufacturers, merchant and investors. In addition, experts from various industries who want to gather more information about the use of 3D printing technologies in industry. Approximately 60 sessions will cover business opportunities at the conference, case examples and the current state of the art.

At the last event in March last year, enterprises sharing their experiences included major manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Cassidian, EDAG, EOS, Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft, Hermle, HP, Materialise, Phoenix Contact and SLM.

Each day, over 1,000 participants attended the presentations; exchanging ideas and their experiences. The exhibition itself had 40 stands, sponsors and conference partners.

Tickets for the Dusseldorf conference are available now. For more information and registration, please visit

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