Schools Need 3D Printers – Funds

3D Printing In Schools
3DPrintWise argues that 3D printing should be part of the school curriculum for technology and digital studies.

We have been thinking here in “La Belle France” about writing to politicians and those with education budgets to provide schools with funds to buy 3D printers.

This technology is going to be a key part industrial renaissance over the next 10 years and our children need every opportunity to be part of it.

It may be a forlorn hope to expect cash to come gushing forward out of tight budgets but it is worth a try. Some politicians may catch onto how important such a scheme to support 3D printing could be and how it creates opportunity for the up and coming generation.

From our perspective, Europe is already lagging well behind the curve. It is down to individual teachers to press for resources to teach 3D printing to their pupils (only the enthusiasts do). Moreover, teachers are also constrained by what they can teach by curriculums.

Only children with a teacher that has a keen personal interest in 3D printing and modelling is likely to get an introduction or indeed an education about additive manufacturing. This has to change; it is no exaggeration to say that a lack of 3D printing skills is going to impact the future economy in a detrimental way.

3D printing needs a place on the curriculum – wake up the men in grey suits.

In the meantime you can introduce your children to what it is all about by following this blog and perhaps even buying a book or two. In fact, some nice ideas for a 3D printing curriculum are give over on Digitaldand.

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14 March 2014
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