SketchFab 3D Viewer

A10 3D model - Sketchfab by YoanDeHautcastel, . A nicely rendered 3D model of the A10 tank buster.

An Awesome Viewer For Your 3D Models

How do you make your 3D models look fantastic? There are hundreds of choices from ultra sophisticated solid modelling rendering packages to nice online resources as offered by SketchFab. Here is just one 3D model displayed with SketchFab. Their library consists of 300,000 models, a proportion of which are downloadable and 3D printable.

Nice isn’t it and quite easy to make with a 3D printer. The days of those old Airfix models are nearly over – sigh!.

Click the button on the scene above in the video and you can play around with this 3D model viewing it from different angles, zoom in and out, change lighting, surface finishes, etc.

Best of all the SketchFab 3D viewer is so easy to use – no skill or expertise required.

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12 March 2014
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