5 Featured 3D Printing Videos

3D Printing Videos

We are quite keen to translate and promote what others are seeing and publicising about 3D printing from around the world. In France 3DNatives has a really nice page showing 5 great videos that they especially like. 3DPrintWise likes them and we think you will like them too. Here they are in our preferred order.

3D print of a X8 Blacksnapper quadcopter by diJMedia , . Development and manufacture of a 3D printed multicopter frame.

One Hell Of 3D Printed Multicopter

3DNative wanted to highlight a superb multicopter made by one of their forum’s members. They were right. JMMaupin should be congratulated for the video, his 3D design and the 3D printing of the engine mounting parts. It was the first test flight of this multicopter drone. Its quite a long video so sit back with a quick cuppa in your hand. Defintely a watch for Drone enthusiasts.

3D printing of a skull in gold by shootdigital, . Using a proprietary process for 3D printing and finishing in gold, Shootdigital also offers finishes in silver, nickel, copper & platinum.

3D Print Of A 24 Carat Gold Skull

Made by ShootDigital, this is none expensive but very impressive 3D print using selective laser sintering. It is doubtful that many of these will be made. Totally cool though isn’t it?

“To 3D print or not to 3D print – that is the question.”

RAPIRO: The cool robot you always wanted as a kid! by SWITCH-SCIENCE, . Rapiro is a cool robot made using Raspberyy Pi and a number of 3D printed components.

Robbie The Robot Eat Your Heart Out

Rapiro the cool customisable robot is easy to assemble and based on a Raspberry Pi. It Created by the Mr Shota Ishiwatari, Rapiro is able to walk, he can dance and he plays baseball every Firdiay night (only joking but he can catch an object and move several parts of his body). When Rapiro was launched on Kickstarter for funding it raised raised around $100K which was 3 times over subscribed.

Fashionable Prosthetic Coverings by UNYQ, . Styling and performance are important to those needing prosthetic replacements for lost limbs.

3D Printed Prosphetics

Founded earlier this year, the startup UNYQ offers an online service which 3D prins customized prosphetics made out of polyamide. UNQY has offices in the U.S. and Spain. Costs vary but it is apparently still cheaper than prosthetics which are made in the tradional manner. Never knew there was so much artistic creativity behind such things – you learn something everyday.

3D printing can help treat sleep apnoea by csir , . A new 3D printed device could perhaps help thousands of patients. Taking a 3D scan of a patient’s mouth, researchers at CSIRO can now print a personalized mouthpiece which prevents dangerous pauses in breathing.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

The dental company Oventus has developed a mouth piece in partnership with researchers from CSIRO (An Australian government research and science agency) for people that have sleep apnea or apnoea. Yes it is one of those Engish words with a correct and incorrect spelling. It is an interesting video which exemplifies how 3D printing is being used in many medical applications. The problem of apnoea apparently affects 1 million people in Australia alone which has population of about 23 million. The video also got the 3DPrintWise crew thinking about a cure for the more common problem of snoring. Sssssh, quietly – your other half could read this page.

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12 May 2014
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