Whitewater 3D Printing

The world's first 3D printed kayak by GrassRootsEng, . One of the most amazing and ambitious home 3D-print projects we've seen!.

Who says 3D printing can’t be used for making useful things?

Well here we have the world’s first 3D printed kayak which was assembled from 28 sections, taking a total of 42 days to 3D print on a home built 3D printer. Using 58 lbs (26.3 kg) of ABS, the total cost apparently came to around $500.

What is more the design was tweaked to get the best performance for the Kayaker based upon his height and weight. An amazing project, built at home and assembled in the Kayaker’s own living room..

Water tested and happily kayaking down the river.

“I am sailing, I am sailing, home again cross the sea …”

See the fully story about the world’s first 3D printed Kayak on Grassroorsengineering.com.

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22 March 2014
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