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Dotsan a Scottish designer has some exceptional 3D models for printing.

It is a pleasure when you come across really talented modelers who have embraced 3D printing, bringing their creative skills into the real world by turning them into 3D prints. Modelers which have built an international reputation for the quality and sophistication of their work.

DotSan Ltd, based in Glasgow Scotland is an example of a 3D product agency which excels in creating designs for its customers who wish to see them 3D printed. Here we show you just 5 of their many weird and wonderful designs which have been 3D printed for their clients.

Hybrid Male Bronze

Using Rhino 3D and 3D printed by Shapeways in Holland, this piece of art was commissioned by Dutch sculptor Catharina Van De Ven. The piece having been 3D printed was then cast in Bronze.

Editor: “This sculpture really reminds me of the wonderful art that I saw not so long ago in the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres, Catalonia. The mind boggles at what Dali would have done if he had owned a 3D printer.”
3D Printing Modern art

3D Print – Modern Art

Piggy Banks

For some, the little 3D printed piggy banks are instantly recognizable – they appeared on the front page of Shapeways. They can also be purchased from the Shapeways web site. The 3D model was developed and optimized by Dotsan for 3D printing in full color. They look really cute.

3D printed piggy banks

The famous Shapeways piggy banks

Typewriter Ball

The multi-media work called “My Mother’s Alphabe”t by Ehryn Torell was part of an exhibition held in Canada last year where she was seen typing away on an old IBM Selectric typewriter. A machine which last saw active service in the 60’s. However, the type face which was used on the typewriter was different. This was because DotSan had been asked to redesign a new printing ball for the machine. A print ball with a very special custom font attached to it which reproduced handwritten letters. The final item was 3D printed and cast in brass (courtesy of Digits2Widgets in London and 3D Pkactory in Toronto).

A Typewriter Printing Ball

A printing ball for an old fashioned typewriter with a very special font

Wire Sculptures

The Dutch artist and sculptor Corinne van Bergen works with wire. However, she wanted to explore the use of 3D printing for creating multiple replicas of her sculptures. Dotsan used Rhino 3D to make models which were first 3D printed in plastic and then electroplated in metal.

Sculptures 3D Printed And Electroplated In Metal

3D printed wire sculptures

Wired Life

These wonderful wall mounted heads of animals can all be purchased from Shapeways. A collection entitled Wired Life. The models push 3D printing to its limit as they were designed to use the minimum amount of material.

3D Printed Wired Life Animal Heads

The Wired Life collection of animal 3D prints

You can see more wonderful design projects on the Dotsan website and purchase selected items in their Shapeways store.

We are always pleased to promote Shappies (designers from Shapeways) – some recent examples are:

They are all different, showing the variety and possibilities which additive manufacturing offers to independent designers

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