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From The Editor:

Today we started to promoting our social hashtag #3DPrintWise. The site is doing well and we are pleased that it is attracting a good steady readership both with professionals and consumers. We also appreciate the feedback that we get and do our best to take on board those ideas and points made.

Yes we take a light hearted approach at times, yes we have a sense of humour but we can also be serious. We are just as comfortable presenting the ‘Mickey Mouse Guide to 3D Printing’ for absolute novices as we are promoting a professional 3D Printing Service working in the Formula One Motorsport industry. We even discuss the future economic trends for additive manufacturing as it has potential to impact many existing markets and supply chains. For example, who will be the Winners & Losers from any mass consumer adoption of 3D printing?

Our goal is providing a space that is a little different from those just pushing out the usual headlines. We primarily aim to tell stories from real people who are starting a business in 3D printing (design for manufacture, additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping) or publish editorial from established companies seeking to create awareness of the great things they offer.

Some recent articles are testament to that: an entrepreneur starting to supply filament which is manufactured in France and not China, hoping to cut out supply chain cost whilst improving quality, MP Engineering offering 3D printing Services to an impressive list of Motorsport clients or the rapid expansion of a 3D printing bureau who can’t keep up with demand.

If you are a business with a story to tell or you want to create increase awareness about your 3D printing company then please see our content marketing services for more details. We will be happy to speak with you about what #3DPrintWise can offer your business.

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23 May 2014
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