3D Printed Humour

3D Printed Humour - The Joker

Over the last year, I have kept a list of funny or just plain stupid remarks made about 3D printing by all types of people. Many should know better. Quotes I have overheard, were directly said to me or stories I was told by friends. People say the daftest things. I will take the 5th on which ones I am personally responsible for uttering but the clue is I don’t like heights very much.

One or two of them tickled me and I thought why not share them.

  1. “the Dyson is broken. I ain’t waiting 3 weeks for a bit that holds the pipe on. Either buy a new one or you 3D print one tonight?”.

  2. “Who is Yoda? Sounds like a Russian make of car” – those using Thingiverse will get it.

  3. “I promise my cherie not to start another 3D print after 10 p.m.”

  4. Stepping into an aircraft – “don’t, I hate flying, just don’t say anything on here was made with a Makerbot”.

  5. “Does your 3D printer have a volume control, Eastenders is about to start on the t.v.?”

  6. “It’s connected. Do you think the NSA can spy on my 3D printer?”

  7. “Don’t know about making kidneys but can somebody please 3D print our president a brain?”

  8. “That is not a 3D printer, it is my adult toy manufacturing facility”.

  9. “It was hit by Gremlins“.

  10. “How can I stop Google putting ads for 3D printers on every web site I look at”.

  11. Pointing downwards to the nether region – “I can assure you that was not 3D printed”.

  12. “There’s space I tell you, the microwave can go in the garage”.

  13. Brainstorming session – “What about 3D printing chips. Vegas here we come”.

  14. “it is not expensive but I agree, you can’t eat filament”.

  15. “I think 3D printing is hyped but additive manufacturing is going to be huge”.

Please send me any gems that you have. I will publish a 3D printing christmas special.

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25 July 2014
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