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Concept supercar Honda NSX
Grab your copy of the Honda NSX STL file here!

Honda 3D Design Archives

Very nice indeed that Honda are allowing people to download 3D print files from their design archives. Just released are 3D printing STL files for their latest concept vehicles which include the NSX Concept, Fuya-Jo, FSR Concept, Puyo, Motor Compo and Kiwami vehicles.

In the words of Honda,

“At Honda, product development is driven from the bottom up, instead of from the top down. Why? Because we believe great inventions can spring from seemingly crazy ideas. That’s why we actively encourage our engineers to come up with the most radically innovative Concept Cars they can imagine.

Over the year, we’eve showcased many of these vehicles at motor shows around the world. Now to share the fun with everyone, we’ere making 3D design data for some of them avaialble on the web. So you can download the designs, reimagine them according to your own personal vision and share them with the world. Who knows? You may discover you have what it takes to become the goto car designer or engineer of tomorrow!”

We downloaded the STL file (43MB) that most people will probably want to 3D print and keep for posterity; namely the concept for the latest NSX concept supercar (press the link for your download direct from our repository). Remember, the file is issued under the creative commons 4.0 licence so please check that out. You are not allowed to go off and start selling STL files under that licence even if you modify them.

This is what Honda has to say about their NSX supercar – don’t you just want one for your birthday or Christmas which ever comes first:

The NSX Concept Supercar

The text on the Honda website is hard to read for some reason or it may be a case of needing glasses but this is what it says about the NSX which was first shown in 2013;

“Announced in 2013, this next generation supercar sets a new stanard in performance and environmentally friendly design. Low and wide, it hugs the raod with Sport Hybrid Handling All-Wheel Drive (SHAWD) technology that uses a pair of electric motors to independently adjust front-wheel torque. Inside, the cockpit is an intimate cocoon of pure control, where driver and machine can function as one.”


As a bit of fun we thought it would be smart to take the STL file for the Honda NSX car, put it on Sketchfab and make a nicer render of it. Certainly better than the 3D viewer on is capable of showing. Using the Sketchfab viewer, the model of the car can can be seen in many different ways and easily without any expertise at all.

We think lots of 3D prints of Honda’s NSX are going to litter people’s desks. Sorry, not litter but embellish their office environments. Play to your heart’s content below using the tools provided by Sketchfab.

Honda NSX Concept Supercar by 3DPrintWise, ,The Honda NSX Concept Super Car – issued and shared under creative commons licence 4.0 for 3D printing.

The Motor Compo 2011

Editor: I can’t resist getting another model from the Honda 3D Design Archive and sharing a link to download the very cute Motor Compo. Its a two wheel concept vehicle which is completely electric using no oil or gas at all – visions of zipping around dusty roads on holiday resorts springs to mind.

Honda's Motor Compo concept vehicle Honda’s Motor Compo concept is all electric – source the 3D viewer on

If you want to get the any of the other remaining downloads for the Fuya-Jo, FSR Concept, Puyo and Kiwami concept vehicles and the opportunity to play with their 3D viewer then please visit Honda’s 3D Design Archives.

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24 May 2015
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