A New Comparison Engine For 3D Printer Filaments

Compare ABS and PLA filaments for 3D printing

You may already know Aniwaa, a leading 3D printing information website. They offer the most comprehensive database of 3D printers and 3D scanners, with thousands of machines available in their comparison engines. They have just announced the launch of a very useful resource: a comparison engine for 3D printers filaments.

In additive manufacturing, the consumables are a critical part of the ecosystem and for FDM 3D printers (the most common type of printers), these consumables are basically spools of plastic filaments. The properties and quality of these 3D printer filaments are key to reach top quality for your 3D prints. Although they are often made of commonly used plastic materials such as PLA or ABS, these filaments can also incorporate a variety of exotic materials, such as wood or even metal.

The Aniwaa team worked hard to add more than 160 filaments to their database, making this comparison engine a great starting point for your research. Their 3D filament comparison engine offers some very interesting features, such as the ability to filter the filaments by diameter, material or properties (flexible, glow-in-the-dark, castable etc). It’s amazing to see in one place all the diversity of 3D filaments available today, and easily compare them. In one click, you can see all the wood 3D filaments available and see the prices for each of the products. So far, the product listings contain only basic technical information but they are in the process of adding more information and providing hands-on tests and reviews.

With new addition to their already amazing 3D printing products database, Aniwaa truly becomes a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in additive manufacturing.

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22 February 2016
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