Porsche 3D Printing Models – Revisited

What happened to Porsche's 3D print of a cayman?
Honda annouce the public release of 3D models for several of their concept vehicles.

Porsche’s 3D Prints

Do you remember what Porsche did with the release of STL files for their Cayman sports car?. All we have left is a grainy photo of it. What a shame we did not upload it to Sketchfab or archive the file.

One minute the 3D printing file for the Porsche was there and next minute it was gone from their web site.

Porsche Cayman 3D Print 3D Printed Porsche Cayman

Who knows why Porsche did that and their reason behind pulling the download from their site? Spoil sports as some of us in the 3DPrintWise crew wanted to print that little toy car. Still there must be a copy of the STL file somewhere on the internet for the tenacious who wish to track it down.

Honda Motor Company Shares 3D Design Files

To Honda’s credit they issued 3D models for their concept cars under creative commons licenses so the files are unlikely to disappear. The STL files will be widely shared for sure as a quick search on the internet shows. Nonetheless, we decided to remove any risk and upload the 3D model of the Honda NSX so you can always download it from 3DPrintWise.

Editor: I much prefer the Honda NSX to the Porsche Cayman anyway. They look better, sound better and without doubt turn more heads – vrooooooom! And I don’t care what the defunct Top Gear Show would say about which car is best

SketchFab 3D Viewer

We also decided to create a simple render of Honda’s car through the Sketchfab viewer as a backup (see below) but also to have a little play by visualising it from different angles, on different backdrops and in different styles. The 3D viewer is so easy to use and we highly recommend it.

Now we have finished, you can play around on Sketchfab’s 3D viewer below with the Honda NSX 3D model and in case cars are not your thing, we uploaded one very cute 3D printed Elephant too. Happy viewing and 3D printing to all!

Honda NSX Concept Supercar

by 3DPrintWise, . The Honda NSX Concept Super Car – issued and shared under creative commons licence 4.0

Cute 3D Printed Elephant

by 3DPrintWise, . A very cute elephant from lefabshop.fr in France to 3D print – issued under the Creative Commons license 3.0

Note: If you would like to see some of our other model downloads we kept for posterity then you can get the STL files from our Free 3D Prints post. It is only a small number but we we think that in their time they were eye catching and a bit different.
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26 May 2015
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